Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Turbulent Twenties

It has been awhile since I last wrote. I've been concentrating on my new Celtics blog, and haven't really been in the right mindset to write. But I'm back and ready to write more random thoughts about nothing. I thought I'd start my comeback by writing about life as a 20 something.

The 20's have long been said to be the time where you try things out. It's that transition period from college to the working world, which is a blurry line in itself. It's silly to think people become mature adults right after they graduate.

In your 20's the general thinking is you're supposed to date around, try out new jobs, travel, do things you can't do later in life. Essentially you're supposed to figure out just what the hell you want to do with your life, which is pretty scary in its own right.

The 20's are a blast in part because you don't have to feel bad about not knowing what you want in life. It's like the excuse people in college give " well it's college." You say "I'm in my 20's that is why I can still drink 12 Natty Lights and have late night 711 runs. You bar hop, date around, have money for the first time. You can live a pretty carefree life.

However, as fun as this all is, it is a scary time too. The unkown is frightening, and that is what the 20's are. In terms of your career, sure it's nice to think you can change jobs, but what about paying rent and your bar tab? Sure, it would be great to travel, but where is that money coming from? With the state of the economy, how can anyone afford to take that risk. Also, do you go to grad school, do you get certifications? How do you know if the job you are doing makes sense for your future?

For relationships, you wonder if it's the right girl, or are you too young for commitment. Or even for life in general. When are you too old to play beer pong all night and eat 711 Hot Dogs. Notice another 711 reference, I can't get away from that place.

The 20's are the most exciting and frightening time in a person's life. Sure, suburban family life may seem monotonous, but at least it's stable right? At least you have direction, experience, and an idea of what you want. In the end though, I say just enjoy the moment. I think too many people, me included, live according to societal standards. We overthink and overanalyze. Maybe it's better to just let things play out as they will.

All in all the 20's are a time in life you can never get back, so it's important to live them to the fullest. Whether that be changing jobs or changing relationships, do what makes you happiest and the rest will figure itself out.

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