Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013-What a Year it was

I can't believe it has been 6 months since I wrote in this blog. Unacceptable! 2013 was truly one of the best and most interesting of my 28 years on this earth. Like any year it had a few downs(getting laid off), but even that turned out for the best.

Simply put, a ton of life events happened. I got let go from the only job I had ever known since college, then jumped into a completely new field all within 2 months. I graduated with my Masters during all of this all the while learning the ropes in my NOVA SHRM Volunteer role. There were few dull moments, but that is how life should be. We only get one of these so we might as well do stuff.

What I am most happy about is not the actual events, parties, kayak trips, Dunkin Donuts Ice Coffee's,etc I had. Rather, it is what I learned about myself. I've always been a person that is extremely open and relatively confident in who I am, but this year I think I reached the pinnacle of accepting who I am and who I am not and not feeling bad about it. That is not to say there aren't things I still want to change or rather improve on, but I am okay with knowing I will always have my faults.

I've always been hard on myself, but I realize now that I can't change who I am and frankly I wouldn't want to.  I am an incredibly forward, honest person who has little to no shame. Does it frighten off some people? Probably, but they aren't worth it anyway. 2013 was the year I completely 100% realized who I am and what I value in life. This is something I don't take for granted as I realize many people never figure it out. I am one of the lucky ones.

Life keeps getting better with age. I always hear people say they hate getting older, but I am having as much or more fun now than I ever had. I also feel more stable than ever knowing what I want to do in my career, finishing school, and realizing what is most important to me both in my personal and professional life.  I always tell people when they ask me how I am, that I am "livin the dream" because I am totally free and at peace everyday. Nothing is holding me back from what I want to do and if that isn't living the dream I don't know what is.

2014 is going to be a great year where I will keep improving and keep realizing things about myself. I look forward to new friendships, maybe even a love interest if I can find a girl that can handle my ridiculousness, and new career opportunities. Life is unpredictable and shit happens, but if you stay positive and put yourself in the position to succeed things usually turn out alright. Here's to hoping for another epic year.

Favorite Moments

Day long kayak trip with my Dad
Receiving Academic Excellence Award for my Grad Program
Karl on the Kayak video sessions with my best friend Dan
Representing NOVA SHRM at the State Conference
The May Kentucky Derby Party in New York
Sunday Funday in Boston in September with 3 of my best friends and basically every Boston trip
Sunset Kayaking on the Potomac
Red Sox and Patriots Meetups and the people I met

Goals for 2014:

Lose 25 pounds
Eat healthier and be healthier
Handle my money better(See Mom I listen)
Learn to say "No" more often
Take more career chances