Friday, May 30, 2014

The Top 7 Movies of all time

Hyperbole is what I do best even if it is over the top(which it is). I truly believe that life without passion isn't really life. Don't like things, love them. This applies to movies especially. This was an impossible list to put together, though the top 3 were easy.

Please note that I know Ace Ventura is probably not a better movie than "Citizen Kane" or whatever boring movie critics like, but I liked it more. Please also note that if a movie doesn't have a romance angle to it in someway I probably won't like it. When I leave a movie I want to feel impacted and/or happy.  Movies are entertainment and supposed to impact your life in a positive way and make you feel happy. At least that's what I think.

I think being a great actor is probably the best job in the world.  Movies are awesome. No one will agree with this list but please comment on what you think because anyone who blogs loves comments(or why would we write?). Enjoy.

7. Ace Ventura-Pet Detective

The scene in the dolphin tank when he starts speaking with a german accent is one of the greatest comedic sequences of all time. Jim Carrey is a genius and one of the top 4 people I'd like to have a beer with.  I basically quoted this movie everyday for most of my childhood years.  By the way, Dumb and Dumber is probably #8 as it is the second most quotable movie of all time.

6. Good Will Hunting

Of course I need a Boston movie in here and there is no better Boston movie(and there are tons of great ones) than this incredible love story.  Matt Damon, Robin Williams, Ben Affleck(his best acting role ever) are amazing.  If you don't like Matt Damon chances are you don't like Santa Clause or sunsets and should probably take a happy pill.  The script in this movie is impeccable. "How about them apples" is probably the 8th greatest movie quote of all time. Just an amazing flick all around.

5.  Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade/the entire trilogy

Harrison Ford is my #1 man crush of all time. Last Crusade is my favorite of the trilogy because of the relationship between Connery and Ford, two of the best actors ever. Also, when the hot blond Nazi turns out to be a Nazi and terrible person it was one of the most traumatic times of my childhood. Indiana Jones is the greatest hero of all time and it really isn't close. No super powers, no crazy ninja stuff. Just a bad ass archeologist that fights the worst people on earth(Nazis). The Holy Grail final scene is probably my favorite movie scene ever.

4.  The Fugitive:

Can you tell I have a man crush on Harrison Ford. This movie is the best revenge movie of all time and revenge movies are the best genre in the wide world.  Tommy Lee Jones is spectacular in this movie as well. The best actor duo of all time? Yup.  This was my favorite movie of all time for about 10 years and it is really hard for me to put it at #4.

3. Office Space:

This movie gets better and better as I get older because it is part autobiography part fiction.  Don't get me wrong all in all I like work more than school for the most part. I like my job, but some parts of it are really like this.  We all have known a Lumberg or four in our lives. You know what though, you have to find hobbies outside of work. Most of us can't be what we want to be. I want to be a professional kayak blogger but recruiting is awesome so I am making the most of it. What a movie.

2. Love Actually

I love rom com's and this is the king/queen. So many different complex relationships going on. Not all end up happy but its all realistic. What it says at the end is that Love happens in all different types. Never give up on it.Why isn't there an American version that I star in?

1. Forrest Gump:

The most rewatchable movie of all time. Why is this the greatest movie of all time? Easy. Combines action, romance, comedy, fantasy, and life all in one.  We all wish we could be Forrest Gump and just go running without a care in the world. Go dreaming. We all sympathize with him as well. Plus, the quotes are amazing. The quote about seeing Jenny for the first time on the school bus is the greatest quote of all time.

I could write 9 paragraphs on each of these movies but the fact is all of these movies will always have a special place in my heart and have all changed my life for the better. I am going to watch all 7 of these movies in a row this Sunday.