Sunday, April 12, 2015

Turning 30

I'm gonna be 30?
On Thursday I enter a new decade. A decade that a lot of people think means "you're old". I have to be honest, I'm excited. Life has gotten better every year since 1985. I'm not sure if that's actually true or I just choose to think it, but I have enjoyed life more and more. Here's why.

When you're young it is a fun time full of adventure, but you're not settled. Sure, college was a great time, but I had no idea what I wanted with my life career or love wise. At 30 I know exactly what I want for one of those two. Hey, 50 percent isn't bad. I'm 100 percent confident in myself and what I want. Yes, I haven't accomplished everything, but have a direction. I like getting older because you know more about yourself.

You know what you're good at and what you're bad at. What you want and what you don't want. What you can change and what you can't change. If you like your Dunkin coffee with almond milk or just a little cream. It's fun getting older and more mature. It's scary too though. I see all these people my age getting married and having kids and sometimes I wonder if I've had "too much fun" and not been serious enough in my 20's. But then I think about my life overall. Do you want to wonder "what if" or do you want to experience everything first.

That's the main question.  All I know is I love life. I love my friends, I love my job(most of the time), I love and appreciate everything. Sometimes I think we just think about getting older in the negative, but its a positive thing, We grow as people and we understand ourselves better. Here's to the next decade being even better than my 20's. Keep living the dream.

For the next 30

-Become a certified career coach and open up my own practice
-Be an awesome dad and raise awesome kids and find a woman that loves me for the idiot I am
-Get over my fear of sharks
-Invent a cure for really bad sunburns
-Be the Director of Recruitment for a major hospital system
-Figure out a way to have 2pac and Phil Collins perform together at the Potomac River