Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Things I love

A lot of people like to hate stuff in life.  I'm not sure why they are so angry, but obviously they must not listen to enough Phil Collins or do enough kayaking.  Anyway, I thought I'd write a few things about stuff I like. The world is a messed up place but it's important to remember that all in all life can be pretty great.

Kayaking on the Potomac: Everyone should have a place in life they can go to relax and contemplate the meaning of life.  For me it is the Potomac River. Sure, the water is dirty,and there are now supposedly Bull Sharks roaming around, but I'll be going kayaking on that river until I'm 97.

Sam Adams Cherry Wheat and Sam Adams White Ale. I love all Sam Adam's beers(except the Chocolate one) but these are the best. If I could have one drink for the rest of my life it would be ice cold lemonade. My second choice, Sam Adams Cherry Wheat though you can really only drink like 3 of those. Sam Adams White Ale is one of the most underrated drinks ever made. It's only out for about 4 weeks in the spring so check it out.  The Blueberry Beer at Boston Beer Works is outstanding as well.

Dunkin Donuts Coffee: My love for Dunkin Donuts is hard to explain in words. If I ever become rich I will buy the franchise. Every Saturday and Sunday morning you can find me at the Cherrydale Dunkin Donuts buying an extra large coffee cream and sugaaa with a sesame bagel. It is like clockwork. Starbucks can suck it.

The Boston Celtics: I like everything about this team and franchise. Larry Bird can walk on water in my book.  The current squad is just so damn likeable. From Big Baby taking charges, to Kevin Garnett scowling at people, to Rajon Rondo being awesome at everything. Frankly not liking Rondo is similar to not liking Santa Clause or not liking free pizza. You are crazy if you don't.  I love them and am so proud to be a fan.

Baths: I always get a strange look when I tell people I take bath's. I don't understand why it is weird. It's relaxing and feels good and there are few things better in life better than drinking a cold beer, with a good book, in the bath tub. It must be one of those things people don't like because they think it's not cool to do it. Just do whatever feels good and who gives a crap.

2pac, Phil Collins, Bob Seger, Rod Stewart, and Tom Petty: An eclectic mix I know, but each one brings something different to the table. I listened to only 2pac for four straight years in high school and while he is still the best music artist ever, these other four are close.  The important thing in life is to love music whether it be crazy emo stuff, country, rap or classical. Music makes everything better. Except Justin Beiber, he doesn't make anything better. Though his song with Ludacris is kind of catchy.

Honest people: I like people that don't beat around the bush. Say what you mean.  Screw manners and tell me the truth to my face. Except if you don't like bald people, then just lie to me.

Office Space: For my money the greatest comedy of all time with Dumb and Dumber and Ace Ventura a close second. This movie is a comedy but also a documentary on office life. Should be required viewing for anyone about to enter the Corporate World.

There are a lot more things I like, but this article is getting Bill Simmons lengthy (love Bill Simmons by the way). The important thing in life is to be passionate about stuff. Don't like stuff, love it. That's what life is all about.

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  1. Great overall point Karl! I have a few comments about the particulars:
    Sam Adams Cherry Wheat tastes like cherry cough medicine. Give me a good old Boston Lager any day.
    Dunkin Donuts coffee is indeed the best in the world. Although they need to train their staff so that when I say Coffee Regulah, they know what it means.
    Baths? Do you enjoy bon-bons as well?
    2Pac? Biggie was better. Grand Slam with the other 4 though.
    I love bald people, I just hate gingers. You're getting better everyday.
    All-in-all a great blog and a true statement. Appreciate the things that you love in life. Accentuate the positive; eliminate the negative.