Saturday, April 21, 2012

Why are people on the internet so angry?

Remember in high school those kids that hated anything that was great. That would never say anything to anyone's face but always had a thing to say behind someone's back? The greatest birthday present of all came when blogging became popular. Now these people who love to hate stuff can spew it out loud online! Why are they so angry?

The worst thing a person can be is dishonest. That's why it always makes me kind of sad(not mad) when I hear what people comment on the Internet. The other day I was on Boston Barstool Sports who always post incredible attractive women as their smokeshow of the day(solid blog idea). All the comments were about how she was too fat on the hips or this or that. The reality is most of those dudes probably haven't gotten laid in their lives and woud probably stalk that girl via text if they talked to them.

I just have never understood why people hate so much stuff. It's one thing if you live in a 3rd world country but we have these normal people hating stuff left and right. Do they not realize who they are what reality is? It just confuses me. Why not be positive and realize if a person has something that the masses read they are doing somethign right and that they are hating on this because they actually like it. Any blogger out there should  know that when you get bad comments it means you made it. 

There is so much hate in life and I don't understand it. Maybe they aren't going to the Potomac River enough or watching enough Wonder Years. I'm not sure. Why can't we all just chill and get along. We need to realize there are some people out there we'll never get along with and just not associate with them. Just chill out, listen to Bob Seger and appreciate life.

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