Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Goodbye Arfa

This is the toughest blog I've ever had to write.  My dog Arfa passed away yesterday at the age of 12 and I'm feeling a type of sadness I've never felt before. I've lost grandparents whom I loved dearly, but for some reason this hits a different nerve. The thing is, I've known this was eventually going to happen for a few months now. Arfa was diagnosed with a tumor back in May and I knew she had at most 6 months to live. However, when I got the call last Friday from my family that she had taken a turn for the worse and we were going to put her down, it was like a ton of bricks crashing down on me. I guess nothing prepares you for losing an immediate family member which Arfa was and always will be.

Instead of going into the pain I'm feeling right now I want to celebrate Arfa's life and relive the good times which were so many.  I still remember the day over 12 years ago when she came home. She was a small little puppy you could practically fit in a purse. From an early age she always was kind of rebellious. She would dig holes in the yard and scratch the garage. One time she even ate the gingerbread cookies that my grandma had sent us! But, you couldn't ever get mad at her when she looked up at you with those sweet innocent eyes.  Any dog owner knows what I mean.

Arfa loved walks more than anything in the world. We could just show say the word "walk" and she'd start spinning around in circles and jumping around.  It always made me so happy watching Arfa so happy. My dad would take her on epic journey's lasting several hours and Arfa would always keep up. I would often take her down to my spot on the river where we would just sit together and watch the river flow by.  Arfa was always very curious about everything.  She would go up to everyone and everything and examine them closely. I think if she could talk she'd have a lot to say. 

Everyone loved Arfa. Everywhere she went we would get stopped and people would want to pet her. On our last walk on Sunday one little girl asked if she could hug Arfa. She greeted any new people that she saw with a sniff and multiple licks and sometimes in her younger days would jump and try to play. Arfa always wanted to play. My dad and I would often chase her around in the backyard. We never could catch her even in her older days.

My whole family had different relationships with Arfa. My own was a very special bond and not just because I gave her extra food(sorry Mom). We'd go on adventures along the river, wrestle in the backyard, chill out and watch TV. Thankfully she couldn't talk because she also was witness to my rebellious high school years when I may have thrown a party or too when my parents were gone. Thanks for keeping our secret Arf!

I think Arfa and I got along so well because we both are very simple beings that enjoy the little things in life and like to explore. We're " Free Birds" and like to go on our own path which sometimes can lead to trouble but always makes life more interesting.

Arfa always showed my family and I unconditional love. It didn't matter what you did or how bad your day was, Arfa would always be there with her tongue out and that little grin on her face.  She would always race to the car and greet me when I got home and watch me as I left. She would lie next to me by the fire in the winter and in her spot underneath the bushes in the summer.

I'll never forget how she always pawed on the back door when she wanted to come in, then would come in and go right back out. It drove my family crazy, but right now I would love nothing more than for her to do it again. I'll never forget how she would bury her head in the snow and the look on her face when she brought it up. I'll never forget her love of belly rubs and the way her eyes would light up when she knew she was about to go for a walk.  She was just so appreciative of everything.

Arfa may have passed away but her legend will always live on. She will always be a part of me and own a piece of my heart. No matter how many dogs I have there will never be another Arfa. I take solace in the fact that Arfa lived a great life and knew she was loved. RIP Arfa. Gone but never forgotten. Legend Forever.

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