Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Potomac River

I'm writing this entry on the Potomac River on a stunningly beautiful early spring afternoon. The leaves are budding from the trees again after a long winter. Small waves lap against the shore as the wind blows in from the west. It is a cloudless sky with the faint hum of an airplane flying overhead. The melodic chirping of birds to my right coupled with the loud pecking of a woodpecker across the river create an amazingly peaceful atmosphere. Three green headed ducks just drifted lazily by me, twisting their heads back and forth. This is the life and there is nothing I'd rather be doing.

I was going to go kayaking today but the recent heavy rain and strong winds would make writing this entry very difficult. Instead, I decided to bring my lounge chair down to the edge of the river, turn on my Kayaking Jams playlist, and write about why I love the Potomac so much.

Anyone who knows me can probably tell you that next to my dad there is probably nothing I talk more about than the Potomac. Ever since I was two years old I have lived within walking distance to it, and some of my best memories have come at the river. I remember when I was a kid, spending weekends with my Dad and neighbors stacking up rocks and sticks trying to build dams, only to have a big rainstorm wash away everything we had worked on. I remember floating down the river on an old mattress on countless summer days. How could I forget all the kayak trips with my Dad where we would talk about anything and everything and just be one with nature. I'll never forget the time I capsized during the winter and was almost pulled away by the relentless current. It was freezing cold water and somehow I was able to pull myself and the kayak to shore and hang on to a protruding tree root on the shore. The memories of countless spring and summer evenings watching the yellow glow of the sun disappear under the horizon, emanating an incredible pinkish purple radiance. How could I ever forget all the canoeing trips with my friend Alex Pogozelski, drinking a few cold beers, listening to great music, and just talking about life. I could go on for hours about all the amazing moments I have had at the river but I am sure I will reference them in later entries.

The Potomac River has always been my sanctuary. I've been there on my best and worst days. There have been so many changes in my life, but the one thing that has never changed is the Potomac. It has and will always be here, and I know I can always count on it to make me feel better and clear my mind. I can only hope that everyone has a place they can go to help them through the good and bad times. I think a lot of time people don't take enough time to just relax and reflect. As you get older you get less and less free time and more and more responsibility. That is why I think it is so vital to take some time out in the day for yourself. You may find it puts things in perspective.

One more idea before I go for the night. I have always been a fan of the Ask Amy and Ask Carolyn advice columns in the Washington Post, and have always wanted to start one of my own. An advice column on relationships or anything else from a guys perspective Hayley will probably laugh at the idea of me giving advice on relationships, but I might as well give it a shot. Please write anything that is on your mind, I would love to hear from you. Thanks again for reading my blog!

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