Sunday, April 19, 2009

Timing is Everything in Life

Timing is everything in life. I say this probably more than any other phrase, and I'm sure it annoys my friends. I truly believe this is true though. This blog is going to focus on timing in terms of stages in a person's life and how it affects relationships.

It is sad really, because a lot of times relationships end because two people meet at the wrong moment. I know for me, even if I met an amazing girl right now chances are I wouldn't pursue it because I am not ready to be in a committed relationship at this point in my life. Would we have worked out in 5 years, who knows, but the what if game is pointless anyway. I remember my dad always saying there comes a certain point in life where you want to settle down, and that you will know when that time comes. The problem with that is, what if that time comes and the girl/guy for you is gone. I guess the counter to that would be if the person really was right for you timing wouldn't matter.

I think the hardest part about timing and relationships is getting two people who are on the same time schedule. For example, one person might be ready to get married and settle down, while another, though they may really like that person, is looking for something less serious, or rather is at the time of their life where they aren't willing to settle down. This can also work the other way around. I feel like some people get married or get in a serious relationship because they feel that it is appropriate or expected of them, not because they actually want to.

I think the most frustrating thing about timing is that it creates this "what if" thought in your head. What if you had met that girl when you were 30 instead of in college. What if you had decided not to go out the night you met someone, would you have ever met that person, would your life be drastically different. I guess the fact that I think about this stuff all the time is kind of counterproductive. There really is no way to tell if something doesn't work out because of timing, or simply because it wasn't a right fit. Any comments or stories you would like to share about your thoughts on whether timing is everything in life would be appreciated.

One more thing. What an amazingly beautiful weekend it was in the Northern Virginia area. I always hope that weekends will be this nice but rarely does it happen. I had a great time overall and really feel I am in a good place right now in my life. Time to go on my nightly walk and think about ideas for my next entry. Thanks again everyone for reading!

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