Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Being "Whipped" in a Relationship

Tonight's blog will talk about how most men in serious relationships are "whipped" in some way. There are of course varying degrees of this. First of all, being whipped is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, if you are a man and not just a little bit whipped chances are either your relationship isn't serious or you are simply in denial. There is a difference between being "whipped" and compromise. The best part of a relationship is being there for the other person but it has to go both ways. The issue comes when one person distances themselves from the other people in their life. Look, being in a relationship is totally different than being single, and you have to know that going in. There are certain sacrifices that can enhance your life overall but some people, me included, tend to think they can keep living like they always did and sustain a healthy relationship.

Getting whipped occurs when you start constantly taking your significant other over everyone else in your life. I will bet every person who reads this has either known or done this before in their life. Think about it. You start out in life as a kid hanging out with a ton of people. You get in high school and college where you meet close friends and form cliques. Eventually you meet a girl and get married and lose touch with most of those people from your past. That is just part of life, but for some it happens way too early, at least in my opinion.

Here's an example of being whipped. You are hanging out with your boys, shooting the shit, and get a text message from your girlfriend to come over. First you just start texting, every ten minutes or so, but before long you are in the corner of the room on the phone with her, then eventually your back at her place. We all succumb to this at some point, except maybe that guy on the Dos Equis commercials. Again, this is not necessarily a bad thing, because time spent with a great woman is absolutely amazing, I just wish you could do both, and who knows maybe you can.

You might wonder why I haven't mentioned women being whipped. This is because most of the time girls like spending most of their free time with their significant other. When is the last time you heard a girl say, "you know what I'd rather go to a movie with my friend Kate, you go out with your boys and party." What about the last time you saw a girl in the "doghouse." Us guys are always in the doghouse and for good reason most of the time. We are always apologizing for screwing up or saying the wrong thing cause honestly we have no idea what we are doing. Also, we tend to not think before we say things and more importantly don't value each word as much as a woman does. Maybe some do, but at least I don't. I think I am the king of doing and saying the wrong thing. The funny or sad thing is I am fully aware that I do it, after I do it. However, for some reason I keep doing it. Maybe it is true that you just can't change a guy. But I digress...

The fact is, being "whipped" is probably good in a relationship. That is why I'm convinced women are better in relationships than men. Most of the time girls will try to include their man in any activity they are doing. While sometimes men just want a boys night out. The reasons for this are simple. When a guy is hanging out with other guys there is no filter. You can pretty much say whatever. I'm not saying this is a good thing thing. In fact, the things that are said between men are often times down right degrading. I'm just trying to analyze from my own life and lives of the people I know. Or maybe I am just applying my own thoughts to a whole gender, who knows.

I've been whipped before and in all honesty that is when my relationships were at their best. I just wish I could figure out how to have a great relationship with a girl, maintain a great relationship with my guy friends, and do my own thing at the same time. Unfortunately like I always say, there is just not enough time in the day.

Thanks for reading everyone. I apologize if my generalizations offended anyone, but if they did please let me know. Negative feedback is better than no feedback!

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  1. LOL....good read....but I get the feeling this is from experience :)

  2. It's like your reading my mind :P

  3. This actually helped me so much!!! I was about to get into a fight with my baby cause I was thinking that I was too whipped but its SO GOOD to know that despite what I thought, There is other guys in my position!! Thank you so much man!

  4. Hi. I googled "being whipped in a relationship" and it came to your entry. It's good to see a males perceptive on being "whipped" and agreed with you. I actually spent a few mins reading a few of recent post. I enjoyed it a lot on life. It's good to read something that someone wrote and you could actually relate to.

  5. I am thoroughly whipped by my girlfriend and it's the best thing to ever happen to me. She controls everything. What I wear, my paychecks,where and when we go out. I just concentrate on one thing.....her happiness!