Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Random Pet Peeves

Everyone has things in their life that really get to them. Usually they are just little things, but are annoying all the same. Sometimes you don't know how people don't realize they are doing it. I've always said I don't understand society. I realize I do a lot of stupid and ridiculous tings too, but at least I recognize it and generally don't try to embarrass myself in public. Is it that most people don't care or are just oblivious?

Many of my pet peeves come from people at work. It makes sense seeing as I spend 80% of my waking hours there. Don't get me wrong 99% of the people I work with are great people and I am really lucky to work in that atmosphere, but there are a couple that get under my skin. I'm going to leave names out of this obviously. So, there is this guy, we have nicknamed him "Laffy", that comes into the building once or twice a month and literally never stops laughing. It isn't really the laughing that bothers me as much as the loudness and sound of the laugh. It is really quite a spectacle and not at all in a good way. Look, being happy and laughing is obviously a good thing, don't get me wrong. Hell, I would love to laugh half as much as this guy at work. I just can't seem to figure out what he could possibly think is that funny at work. Was the proposal or contract really that funny? What is this guy drinking cause I want some of it. I don't care how funny or exciting your job is nothing is funny enough to laugh at every second. The way I know this is because he is always the only one who is laughing. Why is no one else joining in? I want to record this guys laugh someday so you that don't work on the 11th floor in Legato know what I am talking about. This same guy also used to talk really loud everyday on his speaker phone. One day he was talking to his bank and shouting his SS#, account number and pretty much all his other personal information, even though he works in a cube with 100 other cubes and offices around him. Again, people baffle me. I hope one day he hears me when I tell him to shut up, but usually my voice is drowned out by his laughter. Am I being a little too sensitive on this, ya probably, but what can I say loud people drive me nuts.

Speaking of loud, another co-worker of mine has a habit of putting everything on speaker phone, almost like he wants to make sure everyone knows he's doing work. Just last week he felt the need to put his conversation with the furniture store on speaker. It's widely believed that this guy doesn't actually do any real work or at least no one can figure out what he does, which makes it even funnier. Someday I'm going to write a blog on work and delve into this situation further.

Apart from work, drivers that don't know how to merge really bug me. I don't know whether they are dumb, oblivious, or just don't give a shit. For instance on 66 East right before the Tysons Corner exit there is a place where the left lane ends, and it it goes from 2 to 3 lanes. There are about three signs before this happens indicating the merge, plus the fact that every other car has moved out of the lane. Without fail, one or two cars always stay in that lane until the last second when they swerve back into the right and slow traffic. I'd understand if these people were from out of town but I'm putting my money on it that they do this everyday. Even if you aren't from the area you should be able to read signs.

Another thing that really grinds my gears is overexposure in the media. This Michael Jackson thing is getting ridiculous. The media outlets are treating this like it is some kind of world changing event. The fact is on June 24th half the people that are proclaiming Michael Jackson their savior thought he was a freak. In my next blog I will delve more into what I really think of the situation. Also, just overexposure of any type whether it be the steroids in baseball, the latest kidnapping, Jon and Kate's struggle to stay relevant. The media blows everything up. The real people to blame are the consumers though who keep reading and are interested in this nonsense.

Loud and obnoxious people grind my gears as well. Look, I know you want the attention and think you're special but instead of dressing weird and shouting and causing drama just start writing a blog or something. At least then people have a choice whether to listen or not. I always say people that have to try to be different are really the most unoriginal people out there. Being unique is not something you have to try to do, it is something that comes natural. There are so many people out there that are deliberately idiotic to get attention and you know what we give them it.

Okay, I have ranted enough for one day. I would be interested to hear your input on what "grinds your gears" By the way, I obviously got that phrase from the Family Guy episode.

Thanks for reading!

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