Sunday, July 10, 2011

The little moments are what matter

Drinking and grilling with my college buddies. These are the moments that matter

I don't really remember my high school graduation, my senior prom, my first time driving. I remember nights like last Sunday night on the beach drinking Natty Light, talking about life. I remember flashlight tag games with my friends as a kid. I remember playing Parcheesi and listening to Oldies 100 with my dad every night after school. I remember walking to the bars with my best friend Jimbo after drinking and jamming out to Roxanne at my apartment. It's not the big moments that make up your life, but rather the small ones that make us who we are.

A lot of my fondest memories are when I was young. Maybe it's because those are the years I'll never get back. The times my neighbor and I would spend all day building a dam on the Potomac to catch fish, or floating down on an old air mattress. I remember jumping on the trampoline with my cousins from California listening to Great Balls of Fire. I remember the countless scrabble games with my grandma at Fallen Leaf Lake. I remember the basketball games at Village Green, all the parties Jim and I went to at Umass, Billy D's famous dance moves.

It's funny how we are all raised to think certain major events will be the ones we remember. But when you look back I think you'll realize it's the little ones that are embedded in your mind forever.

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