Sunday, July 10, 2011

This is a question for the girls

"This is the opposite of what I am talking about"

I was standing around tonight at a party. Two great guys who are very nice were chillin but the girls went to the guys that pretty much sucked. I'm facsinated by this. Do girls want deuchebags? Are they afraid if they commit to a good guy and get hurt? It actually is really interesting to me. If you are a girl what attracts you to another guy? This is fascinating to me. Guys like girls for what they look like at first but girls don't think the same. Is this biological? I truly am fascinated.

Right now you think I'm some sad, pathetic, resentful guy. I'm really not. I got laid last week but I'd still say this. This fascinates me but I want to know why. Do they want a guy that makes an ass of himself so later they can say that and control the situation? The funny thing is these questions will never be answered because similar to guys girls would never admit any of this. This is a scientific experiment much more interesting than anything I could think of in Science class. What do you think?

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  1. Well, first of all I'd like to say "hi Karl! I miss you! Glad your are enjoying life etc, let me know next time you come to Amherst."

    Now on to the topic...I'm going to use my last 3 guys as examples.

    Let's call him Boston...I met Boston at a bar with some friends over dinner. I'd like to think he was one of the good guys...he was polite, sweet, and intelligent. He said please, thank you, opened doors, pulled out chairs etc. We pretty much hit it off instantly. Even my mother liked him. He treated me well, was loyal, great boyfriend. But he had a small issue with booze. Wasn't in need of AA or anything but when he drank too much he was often a bit of a Dick...not to me, he just kinda got a chip on his shoulder and got into bar fights, or got kicked out for being to drunk...this was annoying but not a total deal breaker...not sure what happened, but within 6-8 months he went from only being a dick when he was drunk to being a dick about 45% of the time, (although we did drink a lot). Daily Comments varied from "you should give me head" to " I love you" to "I'm never going to marry you" and I got an apology message at least once a week that said "sorry I'm a dick." And I still stayed.

    He would say he needed a break every few months and we would stop for 2 weeks and ultimately I would talk him OUT of breaking up with me. Couldn't possibly tell you first impression of him was confident, good looking, nice personality, smart. By the time the bad side showed through I was hooked. After we broke up, (15 months later) we spent too months trying to fix it, then I rebounded with "gym douchebag."

    I met Gym douchebag guessed it, the gym. He was my trainer...sad I know. To this day I'm not totally sure what drew me to him, except that maybe he was the exact opposite of Boston. He was short, jacked, and bald. He was bad in bed and disloyal as hell (more on that later.) I suspect the thing was that he pursued me, and I needed to feel wanted. It lasted all of a month. And I left him, called him up and told him that I enjoyed my fling with him but "he didn't interest me anymore...nothing personal..." the truth was I'd found a text on his phone from his "ex" but I figured that crushing his ego would be more fun (I'm evil I know)...come to find out I wasn't the girlfriend. I was the mistress! And I was one of 5!

    Now I'm with someone I grew up with, it started as a fling until we both realized what we wanted was right in front of us. Now we live together and talk about "forever" and building a house and having kids in 5 years. He looks damn good and has the personality to match. We argue from time to time, but we never fight for real. He is definitely one of the good guys, just ask anyone he's met. My friends and family love him and his family loves me. It's a perfect match.

    Does that answer anything at all for you? I start with how a guy looks, then his personality, then his brain, then what we have in common...if a hot guy has a crap personality he loses his harness with me or like "he's hot, too bad he's a dick" but some of the shallow ladies still go for that. It's the same thing with guys and hot girls right? Hot girls will date less than perfect guys, but when was the last time you saw a hot guy with an ugly girl?

    Maybe its biological, like they unconsciously think how their kids with look? Who knows? That's the mystery of life and half the fun.