Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Your Hero Should be Someone You Know

Who is your hero? Unfortunately for a great many of the people out there they would probably say a person they have never met. I always joke about Larry Bird, 2pac, or Indiana Jones being my heroes, but they are just people I'm in awe of. They haven't been there to listen to me on a bad day or help me with my homework.  I don't know know who they really are.

My hero has and always will be my dad. To me, he's the greatest person who ever lived.  He was there to help me with my homework in school. He's been on hundreds of kayak trips with me where we talk about stuff going on in the world and life in general.  He was there to cook dinner every night for the family after a hard day at work, and still find time to help me with my Spanish afterwards. I'm horrendous at Spanish by the way.  I remember the nights playing Parcheesi and listening to Oldies 100. I remember him driving me to Langley High School blasting "Hell 4 A Hustler" by 2pac. Ya, my dad even listens to 2pac, but only the hardcore songs. 

For all the great things my dad is, he's the most humble person I've ever met. He has a very successful career, yet you would never know it if you saw him on the weekend. In fact, I remember one day when he visited me at college he laid down under a tree and a cop came up and thought he was a homeless guy. He puts his family first, second, and third.  He's always there to talk to when I need him. He always supports me in all my endeavors. 

To me a hero is someone you know, someone you have spoken to, someone who has made an impact in you life. It doesn't have to be your parents or even someone in your family. Some people have crappy families. It could be a teacher, a coach, some random guy or girl you met at a party.  Everyone needs someone to look up to. Who is your hero?

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